Who is April?

I help high-achieving humans reclaim their health & wealth from the inside out, with a personalized approach to mental, fiscal, and physical well-being!


I spent 3/4 of my life yo-yo dieting and my newest cleanse was doing nothing for me – that is when I turned a corner in my mindset around food.

I love cooking. I love baking. I absolutely love eating my cooking and my baking. Better than that – I love eating out and having dessert.

For about the last 26 years I have structured my cooking and baking around my yo-yo dieting. I would go from restricting to binging to restricting to binging. This disordered eating pattern caused a lot of weight gain.

My husband and I did a cleanse last year that ended with both of us almost passing out on the third day of barely eating. It was then that I knew I had to break the pattern.

We ended that cleanse by ordering an extra-large pizza and eating all of it. Shortly after this I spoke to my doctor and she told me that I was healthy but I didn’t feel healthy. I struggled to catch my breath when I walked a mile. I know that life could be better. I knew that I loved myself enough to keep trying.

I went in search of anything that could prove her wrong. I stumbled into Intuitive Eating and realized that my main issue was not what I was eating but why – my mindset.

I spent the next year focusing on my mindset around food – training my brain to realize that food is just fuel/energy – there is no emotion or happiness connected to food. I stopped restricting, stopped dieting, stopped punishing my slip-ups with exercise.

That isn’t the end of the story. I still desired weight loss. It isn’t about appearance but how I feel. I struggle to take a couple-mile hike. I want to feel energized all day. I was using a sleep apnea machine – sleep apnea that was attributed to my weight. I approached my doctor about options and she referred me to a Bariatric Center.

I was shocked but I started down the path anyway – multiple months of appointments between PA’s, dieticians, psychological evaluations, and monthly weigh-ins for the insurance. 

I am in the middle of those insurance requirements right now but I decided that I need to get more serious about my health right now – not later. I am ready to feel healthier – not only that I am ready to help others feel healthier and love themselves in the skin they are in – the mindset you have right now is what determines whether or not you succeed at all. 


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